At SSR Law we have created a team that shares and is committed to upholding our specific core values.  We consider them non-negotiable.  These values form the foundational principals that define what we stand for every single day in both our professional and personal lives.


At SSR Law, our mission is to help families find peace of mind regarding their estate planning, financial future, and long-term care needs by understanding their goals while educating them and designing innovative plans that are available so that they can make informed decisions to protect their family and assets.


Our vision is to become the leading elder law firm in our area. We want to provide the most effective, efficient, and client-centric estate planning and elder planning strategies to help our clients avoid the financially devastating consequences of a long-term care. We specialize in creating personalized solutions for our clients, whether they wish to plan in advance of a healthcare need or are currently receiving care at home, assisted living or skilled nursing.  We are committed to building a team environment where everyone can create a career for themselves and thrive.