At SSR Law, we’ve assembled a dedicated team that not only shares but wholeheartedly commits to upholding our core values. These values are unwavering and non-negotiable, serving as the bedrock principles that define our commitment in both our professional and personal lives every day.


At SSR Law, our mission is to empower families in securing peace of mind regarding their estate planning, financial future, and long-term care needs. We achieve this by comprehensively understanding their objectives, educating them, and crafting inventive plans, equipping them with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions aimed at safeguarding their family and assets.


Our vision is to emerge as the preeminent elder law firm within our region. We aspire to deliver the utmost in effective, efficient, and client-centered estate planning and elder care strategies, safeguarding our clients from the potentially ruinous financial implications of extended healthcare needs. Our expertise lies in crafting tailor-made solutions for our clientele, whether they seek advanced healthcare planning or are presently receiving care in the comfort of their homes, assisted living facilities, or skilled nursing centers. We are dedicated to fostering a collaborative team atmosphere where every member can forge a fulfilling career and flourish.